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TS-SS Fluid Samplers – Stainless Steel

TS-SS Fluid Samplers can Consistently Obtain Samples of Fuel from the Bottom of a Fuel Tank or from Any Level.  Available in varieties that would collect 4 oz., 8 oz., and 16 oz. Samples.



The TS Fluid Sampler is an Industrial Strength device designed to remove liquid samples from storage tanks.  The small diameter of the TS Tank Sampler permits insertion of the Tank Sampler into a storage tank through a small port.  The TS4-SS (4 oz. capacity) and TS8-SS (8 oz. capacity) units require only a 1 1/2 inche opening.  The TS16-SS (16 oz. capacity) unit requires only a 2 1/2 inch opening.

The TS-SS Fluid Samplers feature the following:

  • 304 Stainless Steel throughout.
  • Plunger is top-vented to rapidly scavenge the fuel sample.
  • Tank bottom samples are taken from the bottom 1/8th inch of the tank due to the unique design of the Tank Sampler.
  • The mass of the 0.5 inch diameter plunger promotes a more positive seal than competing products.
  • A replaceable Viton “0” Ring is used to seal the unit.
  • Hole A (see cutaway picture) is used to support the weight of the Fluid Sampler and lower it into a tank.
  • Hole B (see cutaway picture) is used to connect a chain or cable as a trip line that is pulled to actuate the opening of the bottom opening to allow fluid to flow into the unit.  By using a chain or cable marked with measurements, this method of fuel sampling can consistently obtain samples from the same depth level from any tank.
  • Attach a threaded bar at Point C (10-24 threads – see cutaway picture) of a length that is the desired length to obtain a sample above the tank bottom consistently.  When the end of the threaded bar hits bottom, the Fluid Sampler plunger assembly opens to admit the desired fuel sample.  The plunger closes again when the sample is withdraw, forming a tight seal.

The TS Fluid Sampler is equipped with a plunger-locking cam for tight closure during transport.  Use the above drop-down menu to chose from models with 4 oz., 8 oz. or 16 oz. fluid capacity.

From Tips & Tricks:  Note that if you take samples from a tank bottom immediately below the opening where fuel is pumped into the tank by your fuel distributor, the movement of the new fuel down to the bottom of the tank will push debris and sludge to the sides.  Taking a sample of fuel from below the fill hole may not reflect the presence of debris, sludge, etc. in the tank bottom.


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions N/A

TS4-SS – 4 oz. (AA-0962), TS8-SS – 8 oz. (AA-0963), TS16-SS – 16oz. (AA-0964)

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