Diesel Fuel Polish­ing

TK-240 XT Portable Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning System

The TK-240 XT Portable Fuel Polishing System includes Suction & Discharge Hose & one 8-oz bottle of AFC-710



The TK-240 XT Portable Fuel Polishing, Tank Cleaning, and Fuel Transfer System is the heart and central component of the Do It Yourself Fuel Polishing.

This easy-carry single piece of support equipment that every diesel-fuel-powered equipment owner or diesel repair shop needs.  It assures that the diesel engines you depend on will provide optimal performance every time the key is turned.

Stored fuel can go bad quickly — in as little as 6 to 9 months after it leaves the refinery.  Marine, farm, construction, motor homes, and back-up power equipment that is used seasonally or only when the need arises can suffer the most when fuel goes bad.  Bad fuel causes equipment to suffer from reliability and performance problems, require high maintenance costs, and your equipment will have a shortened useful life.

Circulating your fuel periodically with the TK-240 XT  together with the periodic use of the AFC Series of Diesel Fuel Catalyst and Tank Cleaning Additive of your choice (the AFC-705 (pre-2007 engines), AFC-710 (Tier 4 compliant) or AFC-805 (cold whether additive))  effectively removes water and prevents the development of tank-bottom sludge.  It returns dark, bad smelling diesel fuel to its clear & bright optimal condition (the definition of fuel polishing) just as it came out of the refinery.

Use the TK-240 XT Portable Fuel Polishing System and your choice of the AFC Series family of Diesel Fuel Catalyst and Tank Cleaning Additives every three to six months to control microbial growth is stopped it in its tracks and assure your fuel maintains that clear and bright appearance that it had when it left the refinery.

The TK-240 XT  Portable Fuel Polishing System is well suited to performing fuel polishing on diesel fuel storage or equipment tanks up of up to 1,250 gallons, but can be used on larger tanks.

The TK-240 XT Package includes all of the following:

Not for use with fluids that have a flash point below 100 deg. F (gasoline, alcohol, etc.)

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 13 in

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