Diesel Fuel Polish­ing

Tank Access System for Accessing Fuel Tanks – Stainless

Tank Access Plates are Used to Create an Access Port into Fuel Tanks for Performing Diesel Fuel Polishing & Obtaining Fuel Samples – SEE VIDEO



The Tank Access Plate System provides access to your diesel fuel, water or holding tanks for performing the important task of tank cleaning, fuel polishing, or obtaining fuel samples.  Three sizes of Stainless Steel Access Plates are available.  Features include:

  • Easy Installation Stainless Steel Components
  • Recommended for use with Monel and Stainless Steel Diesel Fuel Tanks,
  • May also be used with Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Fiberglass, Iron or Poly Diesel Fuel Tanks
  • Allows critical access to cleaning diesel generator base tanks or “belly” tanks that have internal supports that restrict fuel flow
  • Ideal for tanks with internal baffles that hinder cleaning portions of tanks, such as marine yachts or charter boats
  • Ideal for modification with pipeline access to lowest point of tank for automated tank cleaning systems, such as the TK-240 XT Portable Fuel Polishing System
  • Outfit with pipe access and quick disconnect fittings to perform periodic tank cleaning on remote installations (i.e.: cell tower backup power generators) while performing semi-annual preventative maintenance to engine with the TK-240 XT Portable Fuel Polishing System

The Tank Access Plate System is available in three sizes:

  • 6″ Cover Plate – Made for a 4″ hole cutout
  • 8″ Cover Plate – Made for a 6″ hole cutout
  • 10″ Cover Plate – Made for an 8″ hole cutout

Never install the Access Plate System on tanks containing gasoline or other highly flammable liquids or gasses

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Tank Access Hole Diameter

6" Access Plate – 4" Opening – APS-6SS (AA-0807), 8" Access Plate – 6" Opening – APS-8SS (AA-0000), 10" Access Plate – 8" Opening-APS-10SS (AA-0809)

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