Diesel Fuel Polish­ing

CI-20L – Pressure Gauge – 0-60 PSI – (AA-0656)

The CI-20L – Pressure Gauge Provides an Alert When the Fuel Filter on the TK-240 XT Requires Replacement



The CI-20L Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge is used on the TK-240 XT Fuel Polishing System to alert the user that the spin-on filter has reached its holding capacity.  When capacity is reached in particulates on the FFS-3 Particulate Filter, or in particulates or water on the WB-3 Water Block Filter, the pressure gauge needle will react to the increased pressure caused by the restricted fuel flow through the filter and increase in reading.  When the pressure created by the restriction exceeds 25 psi, it is time to change the filter.  The CI-20 gauge features the following:

  • Type:  Pressure Gauge Liquid Filled
  • Range:  0 to 60 psi
  • Color Zones:  Green 0 to 20 psi, Yellow 20 to 25 psi, Red 25 to 60 psi
  • Connection:  Center Back 1/8″ NPT
  • Design Type:  Dry
  • Face: Color Coded
  • Dial Diameter:  1 1/2″ (3.8 cm)
  • Weight:  2.5 oz (0.07 kg)


Replacement Gauge for the TK-240 XT Fuel Polishing System

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

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