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AFC-710 Diesel and Gasoline Fuel Treatment – Tier 4 Compliant

AFC-710 Diesel and Gasoline Fuel Treatment – Tier 4 Compliant



AFC-710 is a Powerful Highly Concentrated Additive that preserves diesel fuel and gasoline quality.  It has a unique formulation that cleans carbon deposits, stabilizes fuel, prevents development of corrosion and extends engine life.

  • Detergent:  Cleans up and prevents carbon deposits, protecting engines from power loss and preventing filter plugging caused by thermal stressing
  • Fuel Stabilizer:  Stabilizes fuel for up to 12 months, preventing fuel oxidation and gum formation
  • Corrosion Inhibitor:  Prevents the development of corrosion in the engine & fuel
    tank, reducing maintenance and increasing overall longevity
  • Lubricity Enhancer:  Extends engine life by reducing wear on moving parts through the addition of lubrication compounds in the fuel


Formulated for safe use with Tier-4 High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) diesel engines

One gallon treats 5,000 gallons (8 oz. treats 320 gallons and 1/2 oz treats 20 gallons) of diesel fuel or gasoline for ongoing preventative maintenance.  A double dose is recommended for first-time applications.

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8 oz. bottle (AA-0943), 1 gallon jug (AA-0937), 5 gallon pail (AA-0937), 40 Gram Packet (AA-0942), 140 Gram Packet (AA-0940), 334 Gram Packet (AA-0941)

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