Diesel Fuel Polish­ing

AFC-705 Diesel Fuel Catalyst & Tank Cleaning Additive

AFC-705 Diesel Fuel Catalyst & Tank Cleaning Additive is Formulated with Combustion Catalysts, Dispersants, and Deposit Surface Modifiers that Preserves & Stabilizes Fuel



AFC-705 is a Powerful Full Spectrum Additive that preserves diesel fuel quality.  It has a unique formulation that cleans the inside walls and bottom of fuel storage tanks and eliminates the build up of sludge.  Appropriate for use in diesel, bio-diesel, gasoline, kerosene, and HFO.  Specifically targets the problems of contaminated fuel systems in storage tanks and deposits in engines, turbines and burners.

  • Removes Engine Deposits
  • Prevents Deposit Formation
  • Reduces Fuel Consumption
  • Reduces Emissions – Reduces Harmful Exhaust
  • Enhances the Combustion Process Releasing More Energy
  • Extends Lube Oil Life
  • Extends Equipment Life
  • Enhances Fuel Lubricity
  • Inhibits Corrosion
  • Restores Diesel Fuel Quality
  • Stabilizes Diesel Fuel up to 12 Months
  • Extends DEF and UREA Lifespan

Formulated for diesel engines manufactured before 2007.

Liquid AFC-705 is sold in 8-oz. bottles that include a built in measure.  It is also available in 1-gallon jugs, 5- gallon pails, and 55-gallon drums.

Dosage:  One gallon treats 5,000 gallons (8 oz bottle treats 320 gallons) of diesel fuel for ongoing maintenance.  A double dose (one gallon to 2,500 gallons of diesel fuel – 8 oz bottle treats 160 gallons) is recommended for first-time applications.

AFC Series Additives should be used as part of any preventative fuel maintenance program for both commercial and recreational applications and are EPA registered for on-road and off-road use.

Additional information

Weight .9 lbs
Dimensions N/A
Container Size

8 oz. bottle (AA-0935), 1 gallon jug (AA-0933), 5 gallon pail (AA-0934)

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